“Dance expression is an ancient art and through conscious movement and invocation, you can awaken the Divine feminine within.  Belly dance is a language of sacred symbols and a dynamic method to experience the energies of the Universe.”


In belly dance we learn to develop and control our focus of energy as it manifests in the body. 

All this energy flowing up and down the spine, through the chakras or energy centers of the body, can release lots of pent-up emotional or mental …


✨✨Discover the power inside yourself through Bellydance...

And find the way to connect with Infinity with Maktub Belly Dance ✨

 Raks el shark, in Arabic, also known as dance

Oriental dance. Its origins go back to the Middle East, mainly in Egypt!

Far from being a sensual entertainment, dance in Egypt is a true legacy that dates back to the days of The Annular Egypt.

Scenes more than 5000 years old depict women expressing their prayers while dancing.

It was also through dance that the wedding and the prosperous season of the Nile flood were celebrated at that time, and over the years, dance has remained an important means of expressing feelings!

Oriental dance that glorifies the female body, oriental dance that demands devotion and humility, the dance of the heart and soul!

With a graceful gesture the oriental dancer slowly removes the veil that covers her body with mystery!

It has several assets: cane, sword, candelabro, sagattes, wings, percussion ...

Oriental dance will take you on a journey into a world of dreams!!!


 Belly dance has immense power. People are drawn to it because they sense this, though they may not know how to access it. Once they come to a class, they are usually taught a sterilized version: stylized, choreographed, counted, body-control to recorded music. This is not the dance they were looking for. But it is all they see, so okay. Well, it’s not okay with me. I am here to explode this view of the dance. I am here to shine a light on the magic and mystery of our dance. I welcome you to let go of your fear and come into the light and make you discover the power inside yourself through Bellydance...





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