Sherhazad Priyanka


Maktub International Dance Schoolマクトゥブ・インターナショナル・ダンス・スクールはフランス領ポリネシア、タヒチで創設され、その創設者兼代表を務めるSherhazad      シェラザデは、プロダンサー, 認定インストラクター



◆ 主な資格と受賞歴

・体育大学 体育学研究課程 卒業



・ヘイヴァ・イ・タヒチ (プロフェッショナル部門)参加

・オリ・タヒチ(タヒチアンダンス)2009 トレーニングコース修了 フランス領 


 コンセルバトワール芸術学院(講師Josette )


 エコール・Tamarii Tipaerui(講師:Makau Foster)

 エコール・Heiragi(講師:Velo Clement)

・ファイアダンスグループ・Te Tama Ahi(Leon TEAI)の一員として活動 

・ハワイアンダンススクール、フラ・ハラウ O Makalapua(Myrtille Sarciaux)


・モダンジャズダンス及び講師の指導資格取得 先生Yaciara Marques Br. 

・ナイル・グループ・ワークショップの「Ahlan wa Sahlan集中プログラム」




 エジプシャン・フォーク部門 1位

 ボリウッド・ベリーダンス・フュージョン部門 1位

 ラックス・エル・シャルク(RAKS EL SHARK)部門 3位

・Ahlan wa Sahlan Festivalのエジプト民族舞踊部門で第3位を受賞(エジプト)


・ORIENTAL BDWC 2019  コンペ 優勝


オリエンタル (ベリーダンスバラエティに富んだ彼女は、この他、Raqia Hassan、Mahmoud Reda、Amany Farouk, Hoda Ibrahim, Tito Seif Tommy King, Mohamed KazafyDina Talaat ,Mohamed Shahin など、著名なオリエンタル・ダンスの師のワークショップに参加しています。一方で、講師として、プロフェッショナル・ダンサーとして、競技審査員として、世界中で活躍しています。




Maktub International Dance School was founded in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and its founder and representative, Sherhazad, is as a certified dancer, lecturer, choreographer, and performer. She has experienced on many stages around the world. Multinational Sherhazad has grown up in a multicultural dance environment since childhood. She will greatly influence your professional career in a variety of genres and styles. Belly dance and Bollywood dance are her speciality. She is also capable of Modern,jazz dance , Tahitian / Hawaiian dance.

◆ Founded own dance school in Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, on October 21, 2012,

◆ Qualifications and awards History

・ Graduated from Physical Education University, Physical Education Research Course

・ Obtained national qualification as a classical ballet instructor and stage choreographer (choreographer) (Rn.46.219)

・ Globally active for 9 years as a ballerina and ballet instructor

・ Participation in Heiva y Tahiti (Professional Division)

・ Ori Tahitian (Tahitian Dance) 2009 Training course completed 

Polynesia, Conservatoire Academy of Arts (Papeete Tahiti)

Conservatoire Academy of Arts students carte de élevé

 (Lecturer  Maurin Josette ,Vanina Ohu, Erena Uura).

*Polynesia, Conservatoire Academy of Arts (Papeete Tahiti)

*Ecole Raumata Paea (lecturer Mehiti)

*Ecole Tamarii Tipaerui (Lecturer: Makau Foster)

*Ecole Heiragi (Lecturer: Velo Clement)

・ Performed as a member of the fire dance group Te Tama Ahi (Leon TEAI)

・ Studied Hawaiian Dance School, Hula Hula O Makalapua (Myrtille Sarciaux)

・ Performed as an official dancer of the hula dance company

・ Acquisition of teaching qualifications for modern jazz dance and instructors by Yaciara Marques Brazil

・ "Ahlan wa Sahlan Intensive Program" of Nile Group Workshop

Completion of progress ballet technique (Egypt)

・ Completed the Indian Dance Intensive Program. (New Delhi, India)

・ Winner of Crown of Universe Belly Dance 2021

1st place in the Egyptian folk category

1st place in the Bollywood Belly Dance Fusion category

3rd place in the RAKS EL SHARK category

・ Won the 3rd prize in the Egyptian folk dance section of the Ahlan wa Sahlan Festival (Egypt)

・ Participated in Belly Dance World Tokyo

・ ORIENTAL BDWC 2019 Competition , Certified as a Winner

◆ Other careers

Being participating workshops/intensive courses held by prominent oriental dance masters such as 

Raqia Hassan、Mahmoud Reda、Amany Farouk, Hoda Ibrahim, Tito Seif Tommy King, Mohamed KazafyDina Talaat ,Mohamed Shahin and others Masters Teachers .

Moreover, being active in all over the world as a instructor, a professional dancer and a competition judge. Experienced in all aspects of dance, including planning shows, holding own dance workshops, and holding dance competitions.

Now Sherhazad she is teaching dance in classrooms in Fujisawa area and Yokohama area not only she teaches Belly Dance and Bollywood as her speciality, but also teachings Tahitian.

She carefully teaches students of all levels and ages.