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Modern Dance /Jazz Dance classes are fun and energetic!


You'll be amazed by how empowering a jazz dance class can be.


For all ages and all levels of dance training and experience.


Let's unravel your body by stretching and enjoy the choreography of jazz from step to combination! We will take ballet movement, stretch, muscle training, etc and make a body, we also do techniques such as turns etc. depending on class. Combination to be done in the second half of the lesson (dance memorizing the swing)


Jazz dance is one of the most popular dance styles and is seen in musicals, TV and Hollywood movies. This class is suitable if you are new to jazz dance or if you want to develop your existing skills and confidence.


You will be able to be expressive in your dance and deliver technical and intricate movements with fluidity.


Dance Like A Star – Where We Make a Star out of You!

Dance like Madonna , Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira .... 

Be a ⭐️Star ⭐️